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August 30, 2012


A late creative bloomer, Lynn Felter didn’t start making greeting cards until she was in her 40s. She had pursued Master’s Degrees in both Counseling Psychology and Business, worked in HR and lived all over the world. But when her Green Beret Army husband was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010, and her three sons gained some independence, she got bored. So, she turned her sense of humor into a business. “I blurt out a lot of spontaneously inappropriate things,” she says… just the thing to make the perfect greeting card.

Lynn enjoys other creative pursuits, such as picking up dirty socks and laundry, placing these items in their proper places and repeating 3 million times per day.

Oddly enough, and despite the tempting call of those dirty socks, the discovery of her passion for creating greeting cards unearthed her latent workaholic. However, she will tear herself away from the worktable for a good backyard BBQ and some fabulous Northern California wine (“also helpful in the writing of funny cards.”)

To see all of Lynn's innapropriately genious cards and other products, visit her website here!


To entice her husband to propose, Lynn bought a Harley Davidson, jumped out of airplanes, learned to sail, competed in triathlons, and didn’t complain about anything for an entire year. Sixteen years later, he would tell you that she’s a different person.


Palo Alto, CA

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