Behind The Card | A Tale of Textiles

March 20, 2013

Certain things just never go out of style. Like the vintage wallpaper in your grandparents’ old photographs, textile prints have a way of leaving their mark on every generation. Since the 70’s, various textile prints have appeared throughout pop culture, making them relevant and hip even today.  Whether they’re spread across the pages of the latest urban home decor catalog or the inspiration for today’s hottest interior decorators, these eye-catching prints combine various woven materials to create mesmerizing illusions.  Fresh patterned prints are often framed, translated into a hip fabric, or used as an accent to bring a pop of color to that dull couch you’ve had since childhood.

Recycled Paper Greetings artists pair textile prints to original sentiments that are inventive and innovative. Our greeting cards have become the perfect canvas to illustrate these sometimes intricate, often bold prints and tactile touches like flocking add the feel of real fabric to the experience. Our artists have mastered the art of pairing witty and original sentiments with textile-like illustrations so vivid, you might even be tempted to frame the card itself. Whether you prefer retro chic prints or mod flourishes, Recycled Paper Greetings has designs for every style.

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