Behind The Card | Wild Thing! I Think I Love You.

November 19, 2011

The graphic allure of zebra stripes, leopard prints and cheetah spots has continued to inspire designs across a variety of mediums. Leaping from the runways and into the world of interior design, animal prints have endured and thrived over several seasons.
A dramatic nod to nature for those who prefer drama over subtlety, animal prints have become a reliable designer favorite to signify the lavish, luxurious and sometimes outrageous.

Used sparingly, animal prints provide the perfect visual pop. Whether it’s a leopard print clutch paired with a go-to little black dress or a cheetah print pillow that wakes up a practical, but boring, taupe sofa—animal prints are effortlessly vibrant. For the more adventurous, contrasting animal print patterns are sure to grab attention and to make a statement. 

PAPYRUS offers a variety of products that all pay homage to this trend. From the iconic fashionistas of Bella Pilar cards, to cleverly embellished gift bags, PAPYRUS transforms the season’s must-have accessory trend into must-have greeting products that will help make your moments more stylish.

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