Behind The Card | Suitably Stylish

March 3, 2014

For today’s savvy man, style is in the details: the cut of his suit, the lines of his car, the features on his favorite gadgets. While PAPYRUS is known for fabulous feminine designs, they’ve also got the gentlemen covered with their perfectly suited masculine cards.

The layered fabrics of an impeccably tailored, handmade suit create a handsome masculine card. A royal flush, crafted with “real” miniature playing cards and embossed poker chips is a hands-down win. Special treatments such as textured fabrics, intricate paper sculpting and rich leathers add distinction and flair to every PAPYRUS card geared for men.

Fine sports cars, a round of golf, a game of cards, or classic menswear. Whatever the pastime, PAPYRUS designs feature striking imagery and treatments that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the most discerning of men.

To find the perfect greeting card style for your man, Find a PAPYRUS Retailer near you.

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