Behind The Card | Pass the Eggplant, Please

December 2, 2011

Colors are the cornerstone of home décor, a determining factor in our wardrobes and even an accessory to our moods. So, it is no wonder that the rich hues of purple have made their way into our hearts and onto our greeting cards.

As one of the go-to colors for fashion designers and interior decorators of late, purple has stepped out of its garish, velour past and into today’s modern lines and classic silhouettes. A perfect statement color, purple is not for the faint of heart.

Its many shades provide immense creative potential. Delicate lavenders are perfect for our softer, more feminine sentiments, while vibrant violets and aubergine hues make for more lively, active designs.

Ever the fashion-forward brand, PAPYRUS relishes the variety of ways to incorporate purple in some of our new designs. Dramatic, embroidered flower petals and the unique pairing of gems and plaid put our signature touch on one of this year’s hottest trends.

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