Behind The Card | Fashion’s Hottest Trend is a Hoot

August 7, 2012

Perched at the forefront of style, owls are captivating the design world with their wide-eyed charm. These enchanting creatures have landed on some of today’s trendiest accessories, and PAPYRUS has captured their essence with the perfect blend of adorable innocence and mysterious appeal. 

Quirky and cute, majestic and magical, owls have swooped onto the fashion scene, gracing everything from jewelry and handbags to garden décor and home accessories. Embellished by gems and retro colors, these whimsical birds transform the simplest of sentiments into stylish art, adding a touch of vibrance and allure to any gift.

From greeting cards offering intricately placed gems to stationery illuminated by elegant colors, PAPYRUS offers a variety of products that showcase the owl. The sophistication and grace of their handcrafted products elevates today’s hottest trends, creating extraordinary keepsakes that are wonderfully fresh and uniquely timeless.

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