Behind The Card | Fashionable Feathers

May 7, 2015

Feathers are flying high across runways, magazines, and nearly every retail store as winter’s most celebrated style. Wispy quills and fluffy plumes add a unique and flirty layer to an everyday outfit, or, better yet, make a statement on a fabulous Papyrus card for a special occasion. 

Soft and luxurious feathers are the star in the latest additions to our Couture collection. This stunning range takes the art of cards to a new level, as gorgeous combinations of embellishments enhance high fashion themes and finely detailed design.

Celebrate a special birthday with a turquoise and polka-dotted feathered owl, complete with gems and charms, or send the beautiful bride-to-be our newest wedding card, adorned with a precious white feather dress. Each of these unique and sophisticated greeting cards is a gift in and of itself.

Whether it’s an eye-catching addition to otherwise simple shoes, a full-frilled skirt, or a delicate feathered accessory to pull a look together- this is one fashion statement we can’t help but flock to.

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