Behind The Card | A Touching Moment

March 23, 2014

Cards with Depth and Dimension

Texture is a powerful tool. In the hands of skilled designers, texture adds life and dimension, evoking emotions and memories with a tactile experience. Drawing inspiration from everything and anything – fashion, home décor, even a coworker's blouse – PAPYRUS constantly introduces a wide variety of materials with interesting textures. The latest in papers, fabrics and processes elevate trend-forward designs to an exciting new level.

A stylish floral design is enhanced by a laser-cut layer of wood veneer. Eye-catching materials such as suede and gems create the ultimate fall boots in a chic birthday card.  Sophisticated photography and layered textural elements create a personal experience to share with someone special. This remarkable attention to detail, along with the exquisite design, selection and execution of each treatment, makes every card feel unique and one of a kind.

Through the fine craftsmanship of paper sculpting and the use of intricate gems and beautiful fabrics, as well as innovative materials like wood, feathers and faux leather, PAPYRUS has mastered the art of using visual and tactile textures to create singular personal sentiments with impeccable style.

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